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1. i have training tomorrow at 9:30 am in the city which means im going to bed immediately.
2. i have inspiration for this poem bit idk if ill actually write it.
3. y’all dont know how blessed i feel to be in my right mind and to know that i am covered under Jesus’ blood.
4. ive really been exposed to some disheartening things lately, and i just gotta praise Jesus for keeping me.
5.i REALLY need good things to happen for me
6. im striving for a better me.
7. cant wait for life to fall into place
8.when i think of the people who have left an impression on me when i was a kid, i realize thats why I want to work with kids.



why are white people so scared of saying the word black but not nigga?


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when you put 2 and 2 together and realize Beyoncé’s your mom

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1. My friends are just stunning. Beautiful inside and out.
2. My hair is flourishing, finally.
3. Shampoo is the devil
4. I like actually want to do something for my birthday… That’s a long time from now but w.e
5. I wanna be better all around.
6. I’m really out here grinding. So glad both my jobs are related to what I want to do with my career, because I don’t just want money, I wand experience.
7. One week until my concert.
8. I decided I’m going to church tomorrow.
9. I’m just trying to find my way.
10. I’m not perfect.

Today I was watching family feud, and the question was like “on average how many times do you look at yourself in the mirror every day” and the guy answers five, and Steve Harvey blurts out “He’s a Kappa” and i’m STILL dying!



so cute…

I love it!

TOO CUTE! I’d def be buying those dolls

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1. im a sucker for sappy shit, but Nicholas Sparks movies kill me -.-

2. its crazy where 19 year olds and 22 year olds are mentally. its only a 3 year difference but it totally shows.

3. so, the job i interviewed for called my references today. I’m hoping i get the job.

4. my current boss who is a reference blew up my entire spot talking bout “oh… so you’re trying to leave us huh?” and I’m just like… this is AWKWARD.

5. but seriously, i don’t get paid enough for this to be ANY type of realistic.

6. i am SO uninvested in people its not even funny. Like, my friendships are just gonna do what it do… I don’t feel like actively holding shit together.

7. I really, really, really like my co counselor. For the first time I got paired with a great CO, and i think that more than anything I’m gonna be sad to leave her.

8. I have an interview tomorrow and I don’t feel like going, so it’d be ideal as fuck if this job gives me the verdict tomorrow so i can see if I gotta go or not lmaoo

9. It is completely unfair that I don’t having a sibling to vibe with thats my age. I just want a built in friend.

10. Today I ripped my pants at work.

11. For some reason,  I didn’t feel the need to get my debit card situation fixed. Definitely gotta get up early and go tomorrow.

12. ugh, i just realized I’m going to be at work alone tomorrow… i totally don’t wanna go in AND it’s my week to plan.

13. Time is just flying. It’s almost november.

14. I can’t wait until this concert comes so I can have my sundays back. I deadass work 6 days a week, but then with practices its basically 7.

15. I have this mixed feeling of guilt but unwillingness on my heart.

16. every night i tell myself I’m going to bed earlier. every night i watch it turn 12 o clock with tiredness in my eyes and reluctance to go to sleep.

17. I want a drink.



Because of ThemWe Can: HBCUs

Bethune Cookman University

"Enter to learn, depart to serve"


1. Baedays are my favorite.
2. I don’t know how ppl stay mad at their significant others for long periods of time because i set myself to believe imma be mad for like a whole day and 30 minutes in, i done forgot what i was mad about.
3. If men could menstruate.
4. Out here looking like connect the dots on my face.
5. I have no desire to go to work tomorrow especially since i didnt go today.
6. Im gonna hate when that day comes where i have to work full time.
7. Its so weird when i realize that my family realizes that I’m a grown woman.
8. Im really all the way here for my current hairstyle #fuckyourbundles
9. This application is due tomorrow.

"I want to be a stay at home mom… Without the kids."

- Me to my boyfriend

1. My debit card got deactivated…again. Tomorrow is a federal holiday. I’m pretty much poor until Tuesday. This is frustrating.

2. When you’re craving something really badly and can’t have that thing…

3. Debating canceling my trip Tuesday.

4. Wash day was so quick and painless today.

5. I seriously am in love with every Shea Moisture product I purchased in the last month. Because I bought four different lines, I never have to use the same ones over and over until my hair gets tired of it, AND I always smell delicious.

6. Wigs > weaves.
A. They’re cheaper (at least in my case)
B. they’re great for protective styling without committing to something long term (I.E sew ins braids etc)
C. I can take it off and wash and or moisturize my hair as often as I please.

7. I’m over this concert mainly because it’s two weeks away, rehearsals are long, AND I feel we’re getting nowhere fast.

8. I have work from 8-4 tomorrow. I’m pretty sure I’m not getting paid time and a half which suckssssss. And you know what, I’m wearing blue lipstick tomorrow. I don’t answer to these kids.

9. I’m so stressed out by work, or at least last weeks events that I have bad dreams about getting fired. I so desperately need a new job.

10. My foot has finally healed. I’ve been in pain long enough.